What is G.i.G.G.

Our parent company Aristotle Creative Work Solutions, LLC, created G.i.G.G. to be an online business development system and use Lead Income Demand (LID) methodologies to help creative females successfully pursue, establish, or launch their creative ideas.

G.i.G.G. not only provides the platform for member-entrepreneurs to sell their products and services but also education for our members on how to make money, save money, grow/scale their businesses, improve their existing products, and increase their crowdfunding.

Our Mission

G.i.G.G.’s mission is to be a scalable, innovative, and affordable online system that combines social networking, e-commerce, and informatics into one user-friendly solution for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Who are our members

G.i.G.G. is a platform created for women by women. We encourage any majority female-owned business to join our platform and our community. Our member packages come with unique benefits and include access to our marketplace. Sell your goods and services, promote your business, network and sell to other members, and gain access to valuable advice, community, and mentorship.

Who can buy from the site

Anyone! This site is meant to empower and connect our female entrepreneurs to other entrepreneurs and to customers. Please browse the site to view their products and services.

Meet the Founder

Meet Cheenwah Honora. Since she was a little girl, she’s had an entrepreneurial spirit. Ask her and she’ll tell you that she remembers drawing pictures of her great grandmother’s neighbors and trying to sell them when she was only 8 years old. Her business ownership desires carried into her adulthood, which led her to start 3 different businesses of her own while still pursuing her day job as a licensed practical nurse in New Orleans, Louisiana. This journey has taught her a lot and is the reason she created G.i.G.G. - to help others..

“I want to end the struggle and advance the tools available to aspiring entrepreneurs.”